By July 23, 2017 News

SPENCER GALLAGHER No. 23 Allegiant Chevrolet Camaro

 Indy Recap

Spencer Gallagher and the No. 23 Allegiant team finished 28th in Saturday’s Lily Diabetes 250 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Gallagher was running within the top-15 when a vibration occurred causing him to drop back in the field. Trying to hold on until the end, Gallagher blew a right front and hit the wall on the final lap.

  Gallagher qualified in the 20th position but had to start from the back due to unapproved adjustments after he felt a vibration during his qualifying attempt. Trying to make his way through the field, Gallagher reported from the 25th position to his No. 23 Allegiant team that he is free in heavy traffic and that the vibration is gone. The competition caution flew on lap 15, Gallagher was scored in the 22nd position. Crew chief Joey Cohen called for Gallagher to pit for right side tires, fuel, and no adjustments, restarting in the ninth position with 10 laps left in stage one. The majority of the cars behind Gallagher took four tires causing him to drop back into the 18th position before the end of Stage one on lap 30. Under the stage break, Cohen called for Gallagher to hit pit road for four tires, fuel and a chassis adjustment after telling the crew that he was on the tight side on his last run. Gallagher restarted 17th on lap 35. On lap 39, Gallagher got turned in turn four but had minimal damage, however, he did report a slight vibration. Cohen called for Gallagher not to pit under caution, restarting in the 18th position on lap 44. Another caution occurred on lap 50, Gallagher came to pit road for four tires, fuel and no chassis adjustments to his No. 23 Allegiant Chevrolet, restarting 28th on lap 52. After Stage two came to a conclusion on lap 60, Gallagher reported that his handling was back to the loose side. Gallagher finished the stage in the 13th position. Under the caution, strategy came into play, Gallagher came to pit road for fuel and a track bar adjustment, restarting 10th for the final stage on lap 64. Cohen gambled hoping there would be another caution where he could put on his final set of fresh tires on, but the field went green the remainder of the race. Gallagher dropped back in the field to the 19th position after not having fresh tires like the majority of the field. Gallagher was experiencing a vibration but worked with what he had and battled back into the top-15 with five laps remaining. Gallagher tried to hold on until the end but blew a right front tire on the final lap, relegating Gallagher to finish his first race at IMS in the 28th position.

  Quote “I thought we were going to have a top-15 day here at Indy. We gambled really big there at the end and didn’t take tires. If a caution would have fallen, like we were planning, we would have had four fresh tires for the end. I had a bad vibration in the closing laps of the race and I figured I could finish it out but then the right front blew on the final lap. It’s frustrating, to say the least but we have to keep our heads up and focus on Iowa.”

  Additional Info – Gallagher is 19th in drivers points

 BEN KENNEDY No. 96 Weber Chevrolet Camaro

 Indy Recap

Ben Kennedy and the No. 96 Weber team showed speed throughout the weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). Finishing seventh in final practice and qualifying ninth for Kennedy’s first race at IMS.

  Shortly after the drop of the green flag for the 100-lap race, Kennedy reported to the No. 96 crew that he was too tight and needed more center rotation causing him to fall back into the 19th position. The competition caution flew on lap 15 and crew chief Jeff Stankiewicz called for Kennedy to come to pit road for right side tires, fuel and a chassis adjustment, restarting in the 9th position with 10 laps to go in stage one. With only right side tires and the majority of the field taking four caused Kennedy to drop back in the field into the 23ndposition. The stage one break came to a close on lap 30 and Kennedy reported that he was still battling with a tight handling condition. Stankiewicz called Kennedy to pit for four tires, fuel, and a chassis adjustment to try and help loosen the tight conditions Kennedy was experiencing, restarting from the 23rd position on lap 35. Another caution occurred on lap 39, Stankiewicz elected for Kennedy not to pit, restarting the No. 96 Weber Chevrolet in the 16th position on lap 44. Still battling with a tight chassis, and another caution occurred on lap 49, Kennedy brought the No. 96 to pit road for fuel and a track bar adjustment, restarting 25th on lap 52. Kennedy battled through the field reaching the seventh position before the stage two ended, earning 4 stage points. Kennedy came to pit road under the stage break for four tires, fuel, and a track bar adjustment to help his loose conditions in the center. Kennedy restarted in the 22nd position on lap 64. On lap 77, Kennedy reported that he was experiencing a vibration, but rode it out until the end where he collected an 18th-place finish at IMS.

  Quote “We had a really fast No. 96 Weber Chevrolet Camaro. We just couldn’t quite get the balance where we needed it to be. I felt like we had a better car than the finish showed but the GMS Racing guys worked hard all weekend. I am looking forward to getting back behind the No. 96 at Bristol.”

  Additional Info – Kennedy’s next race with GMS Racing will be at Bristol Motor Speedway on Friday, August 18th. – Kennedy is 25th in owner points