GMS Racing NGOTS Michigan Recap

By August 12, 2019 October 1st, 2019 News

Sheldon Creed, No. 2 Chevy Accessories Chevrolet Silverado

START: 18th | FINISH: 2nd | POINTS: 8th
Notes & Quotes:—
– Sheldon Creed’s run in Saturday’s Corrigan Oil 200 at Michigan International Speedway marked his second consecutive second-place finish. This is Creed’s second top-five finish and his sixth top-10 finish of the season.
– Creed finished the regular season eighth in the points standings. Creed entered the weekend in a must win playoff scenario, and ultimately missed the Round of 8 playoff group by virtue of his second-place finish.
– Creed led three times for a total of nine laps.

“There are so many things you say you could do. I was pretty much wide open that last two laps. I tried keeping some air on the nose and I started not handling well on the bottom in one and two so I rolled the middle on the white flag and tried to get a good pull down the back stretch. I got a little bit but the 16 did a really good job of breaking the draft and I just needed more help from the back, but they weren’t close enough to push me to him. The truck handled really good through three and four all day, I rolled the bottom and just didn’t get close enough. I don’t think my teammate could’ve helped me at all on that last restart. He restarted on the bottom. I didn’t even know where Brett (Moffitt, teammate) was, I was just eyes in my windshield trying to do everything I could to get to the 16. I knew if I could get beside him I would have a good shot at pulling him back to me or getting in front of him for a second.
“Even though we’re not in the playoffs, we’ve run second the last two weeks. I’ve gotten a lot of hate on Twitter, people bagging on me for wrecking stuff, which I have this year. The last two weeks I’ve really shown what I can do and I got a ton of speed, we just need to put it together and race better, which is what we did today.”

Brett Moffitt, No. 24 Chevy Accessories Chevrolet Silverado

START: 8th | FINISH: 4th | POINTS: 2nd
Notes & Quotes:—
– Brett Moffitt won Stage Two of Saturday’s Corrigan Oil 200 from Michigan International Speedway.
– Moffitt led twice for a total of nine laps.
– Moffitt finished the regular season 51 points shy of the regular season champion. He will enter the playoffs next week in Bristol in first place with two victories and 22 playoff points.

“I feel really good with our performance overall today. It’s a bummer we didn’t win. Our Chevy Accessories Silverado was really fast today. We were able to drive through the field a couple times when we got off sequence with some of the other teams. Getting back to second in the points standings, that’s all we could do here. We weren’t going to win the regular season championship. The race today was a lot of fun, the PJ1 was good in one and two, just need to work on it in three and four.”